Connecting with other people is difficult at times when they don’t share their feelings, their thoughts in an honnest way, in some way I can feel that and that makes me and the situation confusing and exciting. In this blog I write what helps me at that moment.
Two years ago, 30 oktober 2018, I stopped smoking. It is the biggest achievement in my life for so far. And I’m proud of it every day! To celebrate this, I made a podcast. A summary of this you can read in this blog.
I notice thoughts comparing myself with others... Dealing with them is sometimes difficult. What is true, what not. How do you deal with life? The point of the story is that you have to find out what works for you!
Thoughts are flying around my ears. How will I do this? A 24,5km long beach walk, hot, blisters, burning feet...Step by step, every time, step by step. You can do more then you think!
And then my journey was really there! It was an emotional moment for me! 3000km to go... that’s crazy, so to do it I must be even crazier! The last year was tough for me in many ways. But now it’s ‘doing’ time!
A passion: nightwalking Walking in the night … Yes, who is thinking about that at all? […]
Walking is not about distance, performance or wanting to be the best. It’s about experiencing, creation and about healing and finding inner peace for yourself. In this blog I share what walking did for me in the past.
My mission: I want to help people and inspire them to make a change. Walking, for me, is the best medicine. And I believe, sincerely deep in my heart, that it is for you too the best medicine.