One of the things that you cannot control is the weather. Wind, hot sun, rain … I spoke to someone who cycled the trail, he said that in the beginning he always looked at the weather forecast and the condition of the terrain but that he stopped doing that after a while because he still only got restless. He was worried and most of the time things didn’t come the way as predicted…  So why bother…  In that sense it is the same with my walking track. You can’t predict the weather and how you will deal with it. So it is also not convenient and useful to worry about it in advance, which I sometimes dare to do myself. Here is a piece from my video on how I coped with that on day 27:

“Rain… probably for the rest of the day.  We walked for an hour we are soaked wet… Insane wet…  It is still 20km to Mangawhai, Josh and Vanessa, the people I started today’s walk with, keep on going, but I had my experience for today, feeling good and it is OK now. I can keep going, most of the time roadwalk and coastal track, but I will skip that.  I don’t see the point doing this further than this.  I’m going for a ride. In the end: the journey is about making smart choices.  What is the point of keep on walking in rain?  It is just ego when you say: ‘I have to do the kilometers! ‘. In this weather it doesn’t make sence.”

The link to the video: