As always, step by step, together, taking a rest now and then… After day 23 (see previous blog) I managed to come down, out of the forest. I still seem to be able going further and still to continue even though my thoughts say otherwise. In the meantime I was very tired, muscle aches and pain in my feet, I was actually done, even though the app said that the stage was still about 7 kilometers further. Mentally I would have loved to walk those kilometers, actually that’s just my ego that wants to finish the stage, but in the end I wisely decided to listen to my body and not do that. Together with Cindy I took a break, ate a soup, took care of my feet and in the evening watched a beautiful sunset by the water at McLeod’s Bay and we were able to experience a very loving and relaxed evening before continue tomorrow. Tomorrow we will cross the water to Marsden point.

In the end it was (again) a special experience and an inspiring day. And as Patt said this afternoon, “maybe this was your ultimate breaking point,” (while I thought I’ve already had my ultimate breakpoint 60 times ;D) and I’ll get it 1200 more times. I just keep going, step by step, I will continue, whoever thinks whatever, whoever does whatever. However it goes, it’s all good the way it is. Stay tuned.

(Read also my previous blog about day 23 ‘Thankful for time and attention)