Hello and nice to meet you!

I’m Mark Verdonschot and I’m from Holland. 

I developed this platform to inspire and help you, myself and others to make a real change. 

Walking is the best medicine for me and a way to deal with life! Welcome to the bridge between thinking and doing.

I have a few life missions!

I’m walking 100 000 km for my own well-being and to increase awareness for mental health.

I want to inspire you, me and others to get 1000 people walking.

I want 100 000 pieces of litter removed from nature and plant 10 000 trees.


100 000 km

I walk 100 000 km to complete my missions. I walk because walking is my best medicine. Walking changed my life for the good and I want that medicine for you too! Are you gonna follow my journey?

1000 people

I want to inspire 1000 people to go walking and to use walking as their best medicine. Are you one of them? It would be amazing to walk with you one day. So when do you start walking?

1 000 000 pieces of litter

I will remove 1000 000 pieces of litter out of nature. We live on a beautiful earth but if nothing changes then there is nothing beautiful left in the end. Are you gonna pick up some litter from now on?

10 000 trees

I’m gonna plant 10 000 trees. It’s important to me to give back something to nature and it’s not only for us but also for next generations. Are you ready for being part of this tree planting revolution?

Your help is really important and makes a significant difference!

You can donate, start walking, follow my journey and help yourself, me and others to do the same!

With the money I can reach my goals, keep walking, remove litter from nature and plant trees!

With your help I can buy my groceries and materials I need for my health and walk. Thank you from my heart!

With your help I can remove litter form nature and so we will make the planet a better and healthier place together!

With your help I can plant trees and so we give nature back to nature!

Update 27/10/2022

Currently walked: 6756 km

Right now…

I’m walking in Germany

« The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination »