Hello and nice to meet you!

I’m Mark Verdonschot and I’m from Holland. 

I walk this journey because i want to help you, myself and others to make a real change. 

Walking Is The Best Medicine for me and a way to deal with life! Welcome to the bridge between thinking and doing!


100 000 km

I walk 100 000 km for mental health. I walk because walking is my best medicine. Walking changed my life for the good and I want that medicine for you too! Are you gonna walk with me and follow my journey?

100 000 km for a real change!

Your help is really important and makes a significant difference!

You can donate, start walking, follow my journey and help yourself, me and others to do the same!

With the money I can reach my goals, buy healthy food, the things i need and i can keep walking and keep bringing awareness for mental health!

« The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination »