I’m Mark and I have a life mission!!
I’m walking
100 000 km for 100 000 euro
to increase awareness
for mental health and to get 1000 people walking!

I developed this platform to inspire and help you, myself and others to make a change. 

Walking is the best medicine and a way to deal with life! Walking is the bridge between thinking and doing!


What is this website all about?

And where can you find the information you’re looking for? 

Let me guide you and point out some key-pages of Walking Is The Best Medicine.

4 big parts on this website

In the ABOUT… section you can find more info about me, my mission and my walk and why walking is the best medicine. 

GET THE MEDICINE and GIVE THE MEDICINE is all about what you can do for me AND what I can do for you! Why you should follow my journey and how you can do that. Why you should donate and how that works. 

Take a look at the THE BRIDGE… section to discover some inspiration, share your stories and more info of WITBM supporters.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Details on the CONTACT-page.


Together we can take that first step.

Update 08/01/2022

Currently walked: 3398 km

Your help is really important and makes a significant difference!

You can donate and start walking and help others to do the same!

With the money we let 1000 people walking! I can reach my goals, keep making videos write a book, speak on locations, walk with people and keep inspiring them so it can change lives (including mine)! 

Discover on www.patreon.com/witbm what I can do for you or for your company! Become a patreon and support me on a monthly base.

Give a donation on www.gofundme.com/witbm to support my journey and mission and be the change!

(Dutch) Ga naar www.doneeractie.nl/actie/55127 en doneer! Zo ondersteun je mijn grote doel en missie!

Update 08/01/2022

Money raised: 2145 euro

Right now…

I’m walking in France.

Why is walking the best medicine? Read more about that here.

This is what my true belief is…

Discover what walking can do for you and what I can do for you and/or your company.

To yourself, to me,
to someone else… Discover how!