Right now…

I’m walking in South-France. From New Zealand I flew on October 14 (2021)to Amsterdam, The Netherlands where I stayed for a week to prepare the next episode of my walk in Europe. I restarted my walk on October 25 (2021)in Metz. Then I walked from Aix-en-Provence to Toulouse and right now I’m walking from Bordeaux to Toulouse (update January 08, 2022)

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My own medicine works for me, and that is walking!

Synthetic medication, drugs, alchohol, addictional behavior and depressive thoughts don’t do the job! 

I want to share this with you and be the bridge between thinking and doing!

WITBM is doing! 

Update 15/11/2021

Currently walked: 2769 km

“The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination“

-Dan Millman, inspiration-

Walking 100 000 km for 100 000 euro! To get 1000 people walking!

Everybody has a story and everybody has a story to tell. I want to tell mine while walking. You can follow my walks, how I deal with life, borderline beyond the borders and why walking is my best medicine. Sharing my experiences. Subscribe and follow my experiences on YouTube and Instagram. And you can share your stories too! 

Join me litteraly or figurly speaking:

My walking history 


I think it was around 2011 that I truly discovered the power of walking. A friend of mine took me for an evening walk when I felt really down. We walked for about 3 hours and I loved it. I loved the medicine that walking was for me. 

2011 – 2017

It took me some years to really make a habit of walking and to use walking active as a medicine and to learn to appreciate nature and to really be in the moment while I’m walking. In this period i went out to beautiful places and walking tracks in nature in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany on a regular base. 


I wanted to do more with my life work and walking experiences and I went for a walk from The Netherlands to Rome in Italy. I wanted to change the world and to start a foundation to inspire and help other people. The journey brought me in 80 days from Maastricht (NL) to Lyon (FR). I didn’t had enough funds and confidence to go on with my journey though. I learned a lot, I experienced a lot and it was an amazing and also a tough journey. But in the end I still didn’t really had something to go further with.  With an injury I returned back to The Netherlands.

2017 – 2019

In the beginning of this period I lost walking a little bit and the focus was more on working and worrying. But in 2019 I found my old idea back after I met Cindy in August 2018. Then Cindy asked me what I really wanted I answered: ‘I want to be the bridge between thinking and doing’. 

started DeWandelbrug (free translated The Walking bridge), an initiative for myself and other people. E very week there was different themed walks, at different places. We walked in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Unfortunally not many people walked with me (not as many as I hoped for) but there where a few who did and I did a lot of walks with  Cindy. 

2019 – 2021

Cindy and I left everything behind and we went on a life journey ‘a world trip’ and after a lot of walks on Madeira in Portugal we went to New Zealand. We met ourselves and each other there and also life in general in a good, beautiful but also in a hard and weird way.  The plan was to be in New Zealand for 3 months, travel to Australia and Asia afterwards, but due to covid-19 we got stuck in New Zealand.  We decided to stay and take the opportuny to see the country in a different way.

I lived it all: bad emotions, happiness, my addictions, my passions, my fears, all these things of my life but also my love for walking. I saw a lot of astonishing nature and I went together with Cindy for a lot of day and multi day walks, and on top of that I decided to walk the country. I have walked almost everything on the TA Trail, a walk trough the whole country from north to south. I had many ups and downs but I did it. And then the big idea came « I’’m gonna walk 100 000 km. I’m gonna realise my life mission putting every experience of my life in to it and I’m gonna put my whole heart in to it! »

I’m going to walk 100 000 km for 100 000 euro to increase awareness for mental health! 

My 100 000 km walk

So… where, what, how, when, why?

Because of this desire and crazy dream I left New Zealand and my love Cindy in October 2021 because I had something to do!

I took the already walked 2500 kilometres with me. The rest is very simple… I have a goal to keep walking and use walking as the best medicine for myself! And in the meanwhile inspire and reach as many people as I can.

But because you are probably curious, I’ll give you an idea where I am now:

October 2021 – Right now…

On the 14th of October(2021) I left New Zealand and flew to Amsterdam, The Netherlands where I did a little bit of walking but most of that time I used to arrange some stuff.I stayed for a week to prepare the next episode of my walk in Europe.

To continued my walk I chose a nice part in France (where it ended in 2017, symbolically) and restarted my walk on October 25(2021) in Metz (France). I walked south to do my first 100 French kilometers in Europe. Then I took my backback to The Provence, the area where I added some kilometers since the beginning of November 2021. 

Right now my journey continues in South-France.

The future?

Wherever my journey brings me… It goes how it goes 😉

So you still don’t know everything but me neither 🙂

Update 08/01/2022

Money raised: 2145 euro

Support this initiative and me walking and…

“Be the change you want to see in your world”

-Mark Verdonschot, inspired by Ghandi-

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