I just started the walk on day 31 from the place of Roma and Graham between Warkworth and Kaipara Flats, wouw, such nice people. Wouw, Graham showed me around on their beautiful land.  We had wonderful conversations about life, about helping people, about thinking patterns, wisdom,… 

First I’m now here in this moment, really blessed.  Graham showed me an old tree, more then 100 years old, a piece of history, a tree in between all others who are straight and new, but this one was here before all the other ones, he appreciated it so much.  

What a cool start of the day was that!  He said: ‘we have to appreciate and respect nature and life.’ Isn’t it an amazing thought that these trees are just there.  I always have that with waterfalls.  If you stand at a waterfall and you look at it and then realise that the water is running there for over more then 1000 years already and it will be there in 1000 of years…  Graham drove me with a quad to the other side of his property, with a beautiful view and said that if you realise how tiny we are, we can all experience this.  What a start of the day, I could keep going for hours like that, with nice conversations and so…  What a start.  So let’s go to Puhoi.

Watch the entire video on the YouTube channel of WITBM: https://youtu.be/VAgrRyqcHOE