What walking meant for me:

Words fail when I want to tell you what walking has meant to me. Still, I give it a try. Hiking has changed my life. By walking, especially walking consciously with attention in the now, I have been able to help myself in every way that you can help yourself. 

Walking gets me moving, gives me space in my head, gives me peace, energy and solutions. Walking gives me insights and many experiences. And so I can mention many more things that walking has offered me. Years ago when I was not much of a hiker at all, I had no idea that walking could make such a positive contribution and that walking is the cure for thinking. I can imagine that you also have doubts about this. It even sounds bizarre to me now when someone says, for example, “Let’s walk 15 kilometers”. This is also one of the things that prevent you from getting into the action. You limit your thinking by making you think it is too much, is too long, is not fun, is not necessary, and so on. In fact, you could say that if your head tells you this, then you should start walking!

Walking is not about distance, walking is not about performance, walking is not about wanting to be the best. Walking is about experiencing, about creation and about healing and finding inner peace for yourself.

Have you ever considered that you actually walk quite a lot in one day and this every day, but if someone says to you: “Let’s go for a walk”, you get resistance. I have a nice exercise for you: take a walk every morning or evening. You can choose how long that block is. As long as you do it. If you do it in the morning, you will see that you start your day energetically and if you do it in the evening (instead of watching television, for example) you will see how much space and peace is created within yourself. Do it once for a week and let me know what it did for you, I’m curious! 🙂

I’m also talking to myself when I say this, every day: “Walking is the best medicine! You only have to take it!”

Get that medicine!


From 10 October I’m walking the TA trail in New Zealand. I do this for myself and to start a foundation to help other people taking that first step! You can follow this journey on YouTube, Polarsteps and Instagram. And You can support this on GoFundMe. Visit www.gofundme.com/witbm and be the change. Thank You from my heart!