A passion: nightwalking

Walking in the night … Yes, who is thinking about that at all? Let alone someone else doing it … Well, I do! I am a huge fan of walking at night and this is mainly because it is so quiet at night. A friend of mine once said that all the antennas are off at night. People are resting so they don’t send stimuli into the world. If you think about it, this sounds quite logical. You could say that you only really notice at night how busy it is during the day. Walking at night also provides unique experiences in addition to this tranquility. This way you can clearly hear the wind, birds and other animals in nature that are still awake. You can look at the sky full of stars and the moon in peace. And what about being able to walk undisturbed without delay from anything? And so there is so much wonderful in the night.

Walking at night … It is above all a unique experience in itself. Just doing something different than you are used to could be a reason to do it. Besides the sensory experiences, I especially like to do it myself because it calms me before going to sleep. My body and my head relax, the restlessness of thinking gives way to calm, so I can go to sleep peacefully and the quality of my night’s sleep is much better! If you can’t sleep, give it a try, take a 15-minute walk outside and then try again. You will be amazed what it brings you!


From 10 October I’m walking the TA trail in New Zealand. I do this for myself and to start a foundation to help other people taking that first step! You can follow this journey on YouTube, Polarsteps and Instagram. And You can support this on GoFundMe. Visit www.gofundme.com/witbm and be the change. Thank You from my heart!