The start of my journey

Well… here it was… the day that it all begins!! 

First of all I want to welcome you to my journey.  It can be that not everything si in perfect Englisch (I am a Dutch speaking guy).  It’s the message that counts, so let’s go!

The 10th of October… the start of my journey.

The last year was tough for me in many ways…  I’m totally out of shape and I didn’t walk for a while (due to a foot injury).  Still, I do really believe in what I’m doing!  

But to be honest with you I really don’t know what I’m gonna do!  It’s really crazy to think about a walk of 3000km so to do it I must be even crazier!  

This is the day, it is now or never!  There is no room anymore for doubt, fear, thoughts and what else can happen to a human being.  It is ‘doing time’!

After a ride of 75km from the campsite we arrived at Cape Reinga.  We made some pictures and video’s at the lighthouse and at the beginning of the trail.  I started exactly at 10:10:20 on 10/10/20.  I think that’s cool!

Cindy walked 200meters with me, we had a lot of love and reflection at this moment.  We have an interesting and strong relationship and in many ways we can find each other in life and sometimes we totally don’t find each other (later more about this).  That was really an emotional moment for me!  I had to go. But it was time to go!  We waved for a long time to each other.  It was ok as it was. 

And then my journey was really there!  

Later I discovered that the 10th of October also is world mental health day. Coincidende? Maybe not at all.

I want to build a platform that supports people with emotional problems, depressions and addictions and help them to change their lives.  I also struggled with these things quiet some time in my life.  Knowing and feeling what their struggles, emotions and needs are, gives me that advantage in understanding and making a difference.  Together with my 16years of working-experience in healthcare, my total life (almost 38 years) experience and all my walking experiences, it is now time to help other people.  And the point where I am today, on a worldtrip (#cimajourney) (but due to covid-19 stucked in one country), developing this initiative shows that my own medicine works and that is Walking!  Synthetic medication, drugs, alcohol and depressive thoughts don’t do the job!  

Walking in nature, coaching and going on a trip away from the things, patterns and negative thougts that don’t help, give people the kickstart, motivation, healthy patterns and positive mindset they need.  That is what WITBM (Walking Is The Best Medicine) provides. 

Give this medicine to others and support me on