I’m talking to you! #mymission

I’m just telling my story, I want to do this when I’m really vulnerable.  Scared. Not feeling perfect, with all these feelings and thoughts that I experience.  Different Marks, but that’s life.

I can be nervous, scared and happy at the same time. Vulnerable and insecure… Are there people watching?  Are there people out there? Am I good enough?  Is my story complete?  I don’t know…  But I accepted this feelings. 

Every day I make choices, I enjoy life and I deal with it.
Do I make mistakes?  Yes.
Is it always easy?  No.
Is it tuff sometimes?  Of course it is.
I had some very weird, dangerous, addicted and depressed periodes in my life. I like to say that these lay in the past, and they do, but I always have to be aware that it doesn’t catch up on me. 
I struggle, I have to find my way, but I do.

Walking, for me, is the best medicine.
And I believe, sincerely deep in my heart, that it is for you too the best medicine.

“My intention?”

I want to help people, I want to inspire people and especially the people who are open for it, open to make a change.  To the people who are really struggling, suffering in life.  People who don’t know where to start.  Who is helping those people?  

I’ve been there in my life. I struggled with addiction (gambling, sugar, smoking), depression, instability, borderline symptoms, all kinds of things.  There are a lot of people I follow too, they call them ‘gooroo’, the wise people, the therapist.  They say:  “If you live like this then it will be alright.”  And they are probably right.  But what if you can’t do that first step?

If you really want to make a start and get some inspiration, and want to know how other people do it?  Then follow me and my journey, follow my talks.  I will share my life experiences with you and explain how it works for me.  To share all that I have in me, my wisdom.

“The summery?”

I’m talking to you!

If you are struggling with depression, addiction, mental health, excesive thinking, medicine: just follow me, connect with me, express yourself, share your stories, walk with me and let’s make a difference together.  I do it on a lot of channels, but in real life too.  I will explain my story, my life experience.  I don’t know where it all will go and what will happen with this and I don’t know how I‘m developing and where my story will go in totaly, where my journey is heading,…  But it is what it is.  

I’m just like you.  And it is a journey.  Not only literally, but a journey in life.

Every day I have this resistance, thoughts.  You can make a change when you make little steps!  


From 10 October I’m walking the TA trail in New Zealand. I do this for myself and to start a foundation to help other people taking that first step! You can follow this journey on YouTube, Polarsteps and Instagram. And You can support this on GoFundMe. Visit www.gofundme.com/witbm and be the change. Thank You from my heart!