Ending the day with a positive emotion

Today I started the walk not quite fit. I felt a bit tense, couldn’t get away well. It was very hot, I was dull and didn’t feel like it at all today. I knew there was a walk of about 13km. I postponed the actual start a bit … I wanted to visit the library, upload some videos to WiFi, do some shopping.  After I did that I was in doubt… I went for ice cream and candy. Well, that was not such a good combination, I should have taken some good nutrients for lunch.

When I was staring a bit ahead of me, Cindy suddenly came over, there she was again, my angel. We just had a hug and she took some groceries from my bag so that I could carry a little less with me. I was actually about to take a day off, but I said “no, I’m not going to do that” and went for that walk after all.  I persisted, which I was very proud of later.

Along the east coast of Paihia, on to Opua. It was a beautiful coast track, literally over a strip, along rocks. Enjoyed the sound of the ocean and the track itself. I had some serious blisters on the side and one under my foot.  That was uncomfortable, but well, step by step, I continued.  Said to myself: ‘I will see at the end how bad it is’. It’s a big blister, but it will heal and I will get used to the feeling.

In Opua I took the ferry andfrom there it was a roadwalk to the holiday park near Russell. I made some beautiful nature images.  The end of the day I could relaxe but above all I could look back and see the lesson this day has learned me:

Today I have experienced that I have applied my own medicine enormously, because in the beginning I was mainly in my emotions of anger, inequality, confusion, struggle. Because I went for that walk after all, I really got through that instead of dwelling in the laziness and the emotions themselves. And that is always a great experience, so that I know for sure that what I radiate and proclaim and share with others, that it works. I feel and see for myself that it works. It is therefore also nice to end the day with a positive instead of a negative emotion. I am very proud and happy about that. So yes, we’ll keep it up!

Tomorrow at day 19 I will take a rest day to give my blisters some rest and then we will continue.