My philosophy

In my opinion walking is the best medicine for me and all of us, natural living is a key to a healthy mind, body and environment and so the way to a healthy life. I also believe that wisdom is doing. We can talk and think all day long about all the problems and shit in our lives but only action creates a real difference!

If we are the change ourselves then we can spread that out to others and the world as well. So for me it is important to be a change myself!

Natural living

What do I mean when I talk about natural living? I believe that if we live the most natural way we can that we act, think and are as natural as our lives are ment to be. For me this means: biological food, no processed food, healthy water and tea, no parfums, no chemicals and as much plastic free as I can (a real challenge!)! Besides this, it is good to excercise and keep our body and mind in movement by not doing the same things over and over again. It means for me that I feel energetic, live with happiness and passion and have an active libido (life energy). It means that I create an environment around me with nature, healthy and inspiring people and materials. If we see life as a pizza then we have to take care of all the parts of the pizza: health, food, sleep, being offline, relaxing, libido, social life, finance etc. And yes, that is a lot of work and a lot of change! But in the end it becomes easier, better and nicer to life a natural lifestyle. You inspire yourself and others and its good for the planet too!

Wisdom is doing

What do I mean with ‘wisdom is doing’? It’s actually pretty simple to understand but most of the time not so easy to do. It means that thinking, worrying and blaming yourself, judging and complaining doesn’t bring you anywhere!! But taking responsibility, completing a to do list, doing that task you have to do, doing your excercises, making that  phonecall etc, that’s doing!

In other words thinking is nothing, doing is everything! What do we really want to do? What do we desire? What is our passion? What has to get done? Living in fear and doing nothing but thinking is not what we are destined to do!

Our lives are meant to live and we are meant to shine! Have some balls! It’s our life we talk about here! It’s not always simple and easy but it gets better and more amazing every time you do it!

Wisdom is doing!

Being the change

’Be the change you want to see in your world’ is something I say often and you see it on this website and in my videos on a regular bases. In my opinion we have to realise that we can be the change ourselves: for ourselves and for others and the world.

If you want to have a cleaner street, then pick up some litter, if you want to protect animals, then stop eating so much meat, if you want to live healthier, then stop using chemicals etc. You get the point here!

We have to make decisions and we have to take action ourselves! Waiting for the right moment, your partner, your boss, your neighbours or the government will bring you into thinking and frustration, because the world is not changing by itself, we have to change ourselves and then the world around us changes!

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