I’m not a lifestyle goeroe and I’m not gonna pretend that I know everything about being healthy…

…but what I do know is where I am now, what I do know and what works for me and what doesn’t work for me. Deep in myself I knew it all the time: what I was doing on this earth was not in line with my natural self. Now the time has come to be in balance again, with myself and with life and I want to share this with you.

A natural lifestyle

These are my 4 components of a natural lifestyle I want to present to you, me and others:




-natural products

Component 1: Walking

Walking is the best medicine is what I really believe. It brings us out of our thinking into the state of doing! It’s simple, it’s our nature and it’s something we need! For me it’s the most natural way of exercising and the most natural way to control my mind again. If you can walk then I would recommend you to go for more walking in your life. It has changed my life and I know for sure that it will do something for you too!

Move and exercise a lot is our natural state! We are made to hunt and to run if we need and to bring ourselves to different places. I experience that if I do where I’m made for then I feel myself ‘me’. And isn’t that how it should be? And in case if you are wandering if I always walk and if I always like it? The answer is no!

I’m not perfect but I am a person who is keep doing it and it works every time I do it! 

Component 2: food

What to tell about food… Or maybe I can better say food and drinks. First of all I am not a food expert and I am not pretending I am. But what I can tell you is that I struggled all my life with food. I fought many battles with food and have a hate/love relationship. Because I ate and drunk so much crap in my life I do know what is not helpful for me and pretty good what is not useful for you and others too.

More and more through the years I began to eat biological food and to change my eat and drinking system like doing intermediate fasting and I don’t drink sodas anymore. Everyday I learn a lot about food, drinks and lifestyle and I’m on my way to become a very healthy and fit person. It’s very important for me to spread the message about a healthy lifestyle and food and drinks are a part of that.

Component 3: Relaxing

If there is one person in the world who can not always be very relaxed then it is me. I know everything about not being relaxed and how it is to live with a lot of stress. Most of that stress I created with my mind and it was and is not always easy to calm down once I have the stress.

More and more I learned and I am still learning about the power of not being stressed, about what it does for our body and about doing. Because saying is something but really being relaxed and calm is something else!

Through meditation, my walks, breathing and taking saunas and massages, I calm myself down and I help myself.

But the best change that happend to me is that I take control over the never ending talking voices in my head!

Component 4:
natural products

A few years ago I stopped using deodorant, avoiding chemicals for my body and for the rest of my life, out of my life.

Chemicals are not our nature and chemicals are not something we need! We need natural solutions and if we keep going like this as humanity then we are not only destroying ourselves but we are also destroying our watersysteem, our ecosystem and our planet! 

I use for example: natural toothpaste, natural soap, natural dishwashliquid, natural washing powder, natural food and natural drinks. Take care of yourself and each other! Chemicals are not good for us!

« If you don’t try, you will never know»

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