All my life I had problems with my emotional balance and still. At one point in my life when I had many problems and a lot bad and wrong things going on, I decided to ‘give’ myself to the system for some help. After a long psychologic test they gave me the label ‘borderline personality disorder’ (BPD). And of course they wanted me to take some synthetic medication alongside the not helping therapy. Ok, not everything was bad and they did what they do after all, but I never took any medication because I don’t believe that medication is the answer.

I came to believe more and more during my life that being your natural self and being out in nature (and for me most in the form of walking there) is the best medicine. If I would give myself a label and if you would know me then we could say -like the system- that I have all the symptoms of BPD.


I am walking 100 000 km to cure myself from any not natural disbalance. Because I want to inspire you, me and others and because I want to share my life experiences I found the name and hashtag #borderlinebeyondtheborders. I talk about things and bring love, wisdom and happiness to others all over the world so I am #borderlinebeyondtheborders.

And yes it’s a cynic way of talking back to the system on my own way!
And from now on you will probably recognise this name more and more in my posts and in the things I share with you.

Celebrate every single step!

We have everything in us that we need! We can be inspired by others and ourselves and we can receive some help.

But the real cure and the real natural medicines are within ourselves!

Be strong and wise and find the ‘you’ in yourself and during that journey you can celebrate every step!

Or at least try to enjoy it as much as you can! 

« Never let anyone tell you, you are not good enough, especially not by yourself! »

Mark Verdonschot – dealing with life-expert

#mentalhealth #borderlinebeyondtheborders