Inspire and help as many people as I possibly can, going from thinking to doing by sharing my life-, work- and walkingexperience with people and

walking 100 000 km for 100 000 euro
to increase awareness for mental health and to get 1000 people walking!

And by doing that make a positive contribution to a world more kind and loving.

The intention of ‘Walking is the best medicine’ is to let everybody who is open for it discover the true power of walking.

Therefore I walk with you ‘in the now’ with awareness for nature, myself and others. 


Walking in nature and going away from the things, patterns and negative thoughts that don’t help, giving you, myself and others the kickstart, motivation, the healthy patterns and positive mindset they need. That is what WITBM provides.


In time we have lost all consciousness. We rather live unhealthy, in our head (thinking) and online then from our intuition and by following our feeling  (actions). The cause of all anxiety and problems. But problems only exist in the mind (fear), change your thinking and you can change yourself! 

The bridge between 
thinking and doing

I believe that walking is the best, most simple and natural medicine to transform yourself, from thinking towards doing things that are actually functional and helping yourself and others.