It is with proud, passion, enthousiasm and excitement that I, Mark Verdonschot, go for a walk of 3000km on the TA Trail in New Zealand to raise money to start a foundation.  

I want to build a platform that supports people with emotional problems, depressions and addictions and help them to change their lives. Synthetic medication, drugs, alcohol, addictional behavior and depressive thoughts don’t do the job! 

Together we can be the change

Walking in nature, coaching and going on a trip away from the things, patterns and negative thougts that don’t help, give people the kickstart, motivation, healthy patterns and positive mindset they need. That is what WITBM (Walking Is The Best Medicine) provides. 

Support this initiative and me walking this trail and be the change you want to see in the world! Thank you for listening and your donation!

Every day I make choices, I enjoy life and I deal with it.
Life is like a rainbow, without sun and rain, no miracle…

Do I make mistakes?  
Is it always easy?  
Is it tuff sometimes?  
Of course it is.
I struggle, I have to find my way, but I do.

And I want that for other people too! 

But I can’t do that all on my own. And therefore I’m thankful for every bit of support and help!

Walking, for me, is the best medicine.

And I believe, sincerely deep in my heart, that it is for everyone and for you too the best medicine!

For you too !